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Yes, Overleaf can compile Japanese documents that require pTeX. Here's how:

  1. A pTeX document does not need any special commands for Japanese text (kanji, hiragana and katakana). Here's a simple example (using the jsarticle document class):
    \title{p\LaTeX\ 実験}
  2. If you are uploading a .tex file from elsewhere, make sure it is saved in UTF-8 encoding.
  3. In the Overleaf editor, click on the Overleaf menu button above the file list panel.
  4. Set the "Compiler" option to "LaTeX".
  5. Add a blank file to your project, and save it as latexmkrc.
  6. Add the following line to your latexmkrc file:
  7. $latex = 'platex';
    $bibtex = 'pbibtex';
    $dvipdf = 'dvipdfmx %O -o %D %S';

This blog post (in Japanese) by doraTeX has further details about using pTeX and upLaTeX on Overleaf.

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