BIT Thesis Template for Beijing Institute of Technology

Yang Yating, Wang Wei, Xiahua Liu
LaTeX Project Public License 1.3c

本模板是由北京理工大学 Yang Yating, Wang Wei 同学提供的研究生论文模板。经过我的一些微不足道的修改,使其适应 Overleaf 环境。

本模板的目的是使同学可以在 Overleaf 上随时随地,不限平台,便捷并快乐地修改自己的论文。

模板原作者:Yang Yating, Wang Wei
模板修改者:Xiahua Liu

请注意:由于版权原因,Overleaf 不能够使用 Microsoft 的原字体,Overleaf 上编译使用的字体均为各个字体的开源版本。两者几乎是一模一样的,然而在 Overleaf 上预览得到的 PDF 与在 Windows 系统下编译的 PDF 有细微的字体差别,严格来说并不是一种字体。

所以请注意!虽然看起来很相似,但是字体有些不同!如果你觉得可以忍受这些不同,也可以选择提交 Overleaf 预览的 PDF。如果你觉得必须严格按照要求,也可以选择下载你的论文源代码,在 Windows 系统上本地运行 cmd 脚本文件编译 PDF(但是要先安装 texlive)。总之,选择权在你手里。

This template is a slightly modified version of the original template provided by Yang Yating, Wang Wei, in order to adapt itself to Overleaf environment.

The main purpose of this template is to let every student in BIT write, modify, preview his or her graduate thesis happily on whatever platforms and at any time.

The origin template is available at
Original author: Yang Yating, Wang Wei
Modified by: Xiahua Liu

PLEASE BE ADVISED that the PDF previewed on Overleaf has subtle difference from the Windows compiled one. Due to font copyright law of China, Overleaf cannot use the commercial fonts, in fact, it uses a series of free open-source fonts instead. Though they look alike at first sight, they are not identical fonts strictly speaking.

So be careful to use the PDF compiled on Overleaf. It is suggested downloading the source code of your thesis and re-compile it on a local Windows computer by running the cmd script (texlive 2017 or newer version is needed) before the final submission. But whether to do it is up to you.

BIT Thesis Template for Beijing Institute of Technology